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Guna Kulasegaram

 Executive Director 


Jobs Unlimited is a Non-Profit employment agency in Fredericton, NB for men and women with an employment barrier. 

Our roots go back to the days of the sheltered workshop in the 1970s at the Fredericton Training Centre. Prior to our coming into being, individuals with an intellectual disability were strangers in our city. Strangers count for little.

Until the early 1980's, most men and women with an intellectual or mental disability stayed at home, creating painful family situations, some with tragic consequences. The Fredericton Training Centre provided vocational opportunities for only a fortunate few. There was limited interaction with the larger community, and no thought of paid employment.

Today, over 200 of our participants are a visible part of greater Fredericton, Strangers No More to this great city.

 We work in laboratories, retail outlets, call centres, warehouses, in the hospitality industry, in manufacturing, in printing, in government departments, in private sector and the University community. Wherever people in Fredericton work, so do citizens with intellectual disabilities …. Strangers No More!


To facilitate work placement for individuals who face significant barriers  to employment within the community.

It is our belief that individuals with an intellectual disability can perform meaningful work.

Providing them with the opportunity to experience the dignity of work, can  allow them to make significant progress in their everyday lives.


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