Jobs Unlimited is a not-for-profit organization providing employment and work experience opportunities to adults with intellectual disabilities in the greater Fredericton area.

The Employment Agency Where Everyone Wins

Jobs Unlimited is a not-for-profit organization providing employment and work experience opportunities to adults with intellectual disabilities in the greater Fredericton area.

Jobs Unlimited formally started in 1980, however its historical roots go back to the 1960’s when parents of children with intellectual disabilities organized to create vocational training for students graduating from Murray F. Humes School, a segregated school operated by volunteers to provide educational instruction for children who were developmentally delayed.

We presently serve some 750 individuals in various work capacities in the community.  We share a strong belief in the dignity of work.  Our mandate is to provide meaningful employment to individuals who face significant employment barriers due to their disabilities.  Jobs Unlimited provides long-term support and we aim to offer everyone a daily life that is fulfilling and one that provides a sense of self-worth and increased independence through work. Over the years, we have partnered with more than 800 employers, and we currently have a staff of 90.


To facilitate an improved lifestyle and enhanced dignity for individuals with intellectual disabilities through community-based programs which provide employment and developmental opportunities, and to act as advocates on their behalf. 

Our organization is committed to promoting inclusion in the workplace. We advocate on behalf of our clients to secure work opportunities. The value of social participation and contribution is of paramount importance for the self-esteem of the individuals who we serve. Our service delivery model to an individual with intellectual challenges involves close partnerships and collaboration with many key stakeholders. In addition to the individual, we work closely with their families and/or their caregivers, employers, funders, various provincial government departments, health care agencies, transportation providers, our staff, board members and the community at large.

Jobs Unlimited has grown and developed since its inception, in a great part with the support of Fredericton’s employers. These employers in the business community, public sector, and other not-for-profit organizations have provided the opportunities that allow the individuals that we serve to flourish. Employers in return receive the benefit of dedicated, diligent, and appreciative workers, whose enthusiasm often provides a great benefit to the workplace. These same workers, if not given the opportunity, might otherwise face a daily life void of social interaction and participation, skill development and freedom from personal success.  

In order to achieve an increased level of self-reliance and sustainability as an organization, Jobs Unlimited developed several social enterprises over 30 years ago. They are The Deli Connection, York Street Courier, 6 Color Copy and The Mail Bag. These small businesses actively engage Jobs Unlimited participants while providing market- quality products and services. When you support the businesses of Jobs Unlimited you will receive a valued product or service and you will also be making a real difference in the lives of many individuals. 

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude”

Scott Hamilton

All work has dignity. The individuals that we serve look forward to working at their level of abilities. Our individuals are employed in diverse sectors in various capacities. While many of our clients perform work for paid employment, we have others who commit their time as volunteers. Many valuable non-profit organizations in the greater Fredericton area provide volunteer opportunities to our individuals. We aspire to engage our clients in meaningful ways that adds value to their lives and provides a sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction.

The individuals who we serve are integral members of our community. They live here and belong here and deserve to be respected for who they are as individual citizens. Their participation and contribution to our community is extremely valuable and it is our duty and obligation to ensure that individuals with intellectual disabilities have a voice, and that their hopes, aspirations and goals are heard and treated with dignity.